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Anirudh Kadambi, M.D.

Pain Management & Rehabilitation

In 2016, Dr. Kadambi joined Arrowhead Orthopaedics as pain management and rehabilitation physician to provide the best improvement and quality of life for those patients with musculoskeletal pain and several neurological conditions, strokes, migraines, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Dr. Kadambi specializes in non-operative treatments for all joints of the body. As a physiatrist, Dr. Kadambi believes in the role of physical therapy, injections, and medications to help heal his patients as a whole. Dr. Kadambi also specializes in corticosteroid injections under ultrasound guidance, Botox injections for spasticity and migraines, as well as EMG studies to identify the causes of neuropathic pain.

Dr. Kadambi graduated from the University of California Riverside with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. In 2006, he moved to Ohio, where he pursued a Masters in Biomedical Science at the University of Toledo College of Medicine (UTCOM) and received his Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) in 2012. He then completed two residency programs at UTCOM, one in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and another in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kadambi is a member of the American Association of Physiatrists and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In his spare time, Dr. Kadambi is an avid tennis player since his high school days. He enjoys working out, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

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