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David Wood, M.D.

Shoulder, Hand, Knee, Injured Worker

Originally from Maryland, Dr. David Wood is a graduate of Loma Linda University. He received further training in the pelvis and acetabular fracture trauma as well as sports medicine.  Since 1999, Dr. Wood has been focusing his orthopedic practice on the injured worker industry. Dr. Wood is one of the founding physicians of Arrowhead Orthopedics, along with Dr. Matiko and Dr. Mudge. 


Dr. Wood is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and is certified by California as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME). Moreover, he is a well-known Agreed Medical Evaluator (AME) in Southern California and has been active with the California Orthopedic Association. Dr. Wood is a frequent speaker for California Workers Comp Attorneys’ Association. 


As a treating physician, Dr. Wood can manage multiple body parts. “I like to bring calm to the difficult time of having a work-related injury.  My job is to give you the patient the medical information you need to make a decision together about your problem. Being associated with a great group of subspecialists allows me to get you to the best surgeon for your problem if and when needed.”


Dr. Wood raised his family in Redlands and has been a Redland resident since 1977. He and his wife, Kathy, share six children and five grandchildren.  When not in the office, they enjoy traveling and cultural events. He also enjoys medical missions. He has been involved with Arthroscopy International training surgeons in Cuba and Peru, the Flying Samaritans in Baja Peninsula,  as well as Special Olympics and Regional Little League championships. He has raced the Baja 1000 and enjoys his Harley. He is also a serious gardener and loves teaching his grandchildren everything he knows, such as skiing, motorcycling, water sports, etc.





"Dr. Wood is very attentive and shows concern for my well being."

-Edberto M.


"Dr. Wood and PA Hill have been very supportive, Informative, active in my care and professional."

-Judy E.

*Reviews taken from satisfaction surveys*

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