Allen Gustafson, M.D.

Joint Replacement

Dr Gustafson grew up on the East Coast in Hagerstown, MD, and has lived in Maryland, Ohio and Illinois before settling in California with Marilyn, his wife of 36 years. He started his medical training with an interest in pediatrics and internal medicine before developing his passion for orthopedic medicine while serving in the United States Air Force. Dr Gustafson has since become a respected and world-renowned expert in total joint replacement (TJR) and reconstruction.


Throughout his career, Dr Gustafson has dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in joint replacement and reconstruction. Following his orthopaedic surgery residency at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) in Loma Linda, California, Dr Gustafson was honored to be named a Clinical and Research Fellow in Joint Reconstruction at the University of California, San Diego. After nearly a decade in private practice, Dr. Gustafson returned to LLUMC. During his 16-year tenure there, he founded the Center for Joint Replacement, where he performed more than 4,000 primary and complex hip and knee replacements, and co-founded the Peterson Tribology Lab, a world-class facility dedicated to orthopaedic research. Dr. Gustafson has achieved the rank of Fellow of two prestigious professional societies, is active in academia, and is involved in the design and testing of new joint prostheses. He is a national and international lecturer on ceramic hip replacements and has published and presented widely on TJR.


Dr Gustafson is affectionately called "Dr G" by his staff and patients. He is best known to his patients for his caring style and sense of humor. He sincerely wants to know every patient personally so that he can fully understand their individual needs. He goes above and beyond in providing the best treatment for his patients from offering the very best medical care to stepping in personally, when necessary, to call a patient's insurance company. His perfectionist attitude is demonstrated through his commitment to patient care. From the moment a new patient comes into his office through surgery and post-operative care, his patients know they are getting the very best. 


Dr. and Mrs. Gustafson are the proud parents of four very accomplished children. Their first child, a daughter, Brenna, is married and an anesthesiologist at Loma Linda Medical Center. Their oldest son, Rylan, is married and a dentist in the process of completing his specialty in endodontics. Rylan also served his country by spending 4 years in the Navy, including a tour of duty in Iraq. Their second son, Chad, is also married and recently graduated with a degree in dentistry. Chad is currently serving in the Air Force in Las Vegas and commutes back to Loma Linda as much as possible where his wife still lives. Their youngest son, Kavin, is in dental school at Loma Linda and graduated in 2008.


In his spare time, Dr G enjoys spending time indulging in his favorite hobby - jeeping. He and his sons enjoy time together jeeping on rugged mountain roads. Occasionally, he joins friends and other jeeping enthusiasts at Jeep Jamborees.


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