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Organized to bring under one roof the specialized skills, resources and environment that are best suited for the intricate needs of upper extremity injuries or malfunction, the Hand Center features:


  • A dedicated interdisciplinary team of fellowship-trained hand surgeons, experienced physician assistants, an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist.


  • From the initial evaluation, through the determination of surgery, to therapy and the return to a normal active lifestyle, this group of experienced professionals works seamlessly to ensure compassionate care and excellent outcomes.


  • An elaborate electronic medical records system that allows team members virtual access to information used for planning the individualized treatment plan.


  • Dedicated X-Ray facility, and a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) that allows instant access to all diagnostic images taken or brought to the office.


  • Networked computer monitor in every room to share diagnostic images and other information with the patient.


  • Custom-designed hand exam table in every patient room.


  • State-of-the-art equipped Hand Therapy/Occupational Therapy center with custom designed treatment tables and a super-cinematic view of the San Bernardino Mountains.


  • A dedicated Historian/Editor to assist with the management of industrial injuries and Workers Compensation cases.


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