Please don't wait until you run out of medicine to call for a refill.

Call at least two days in advance.


Redlands:  909-557-1600

San Bernardino:  909-726-6100

Riverside:  951-977-2500

Rancho Cucamonga:  909-912-1750

Hemet:  951-652-1600

Lake Arrowhead:  909-336-3694

Victorville:  760-245-6495


In order to protect you, your doctor must review your medical file before renewing a prescription. Our doctors rotate between several locations - the local hospitals and our 6 offices. It could be 24 hours after you call before your doctor can review your file. The files are reviewed and prescriptions are called to pharmacies at the end of office hours after all patients have been seen.


We're Committed to a Clean and Safe Facility.

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