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Sweet Dangers of Added Sugars

Added sugars are sugars put in processed food. They harm your body and increase your risk for weight gain, heart disease, and Type 2 Diabetes.

What Foods have Added Sugars?

Any food that has been processed contains added sugars. They’re in cookies, donuts, and your morning coffee! If you can’t name the plant or animal your food comes from, it has added sugars. The primary sources of added sugars are baked goods, dairy desserts like ice cream and sweetened yogurt, soft drinks, soda, and sweetened tea.

Where can I find Added Sugars?

Added sugars are located on the nutrition facts label and the ingredients list. Added sugars can sneak into your lifestyle because they have many different names. Look out for: brown, white, and confectioner sugar, high fructose corn syrup, fruit nectar, syrup, fructose, lactose, honey, dextrose, sugar cane juice, sucrose, and maltose.

Limiting Added Sugars

Limiting added sugars will improve your heart health, help you achieve a healthy weight, and prevent chronic disease. Here are some ways to reduce your intake of added sugars:

  • Drink 100% water, fruit juice, fat-free milk, and unsweetened tea.

  • Use your favorite fruits to make a naturally sweet smoothie at home.

  • Choose fruits as a dessert or snack instead of sweets with added sugars.

  • Choose processed food with no added sugars like plain yogurt, sugar-free applesauce, or frozen fruit.

Try these sugar substitutes for drinks and food: stevia, erythritol, xylitol, and monk fruit. They are sweeter than regular sugar and have fewer calories. Remember to use moderation with sugar substitutes. You only need a small amount.

Take Small Steps

Change can be scary, especially when it’s done all at once. Take small steps to limit added sugars today.

Use alternative sweeteners in your drinks. Use fruits to sweeten your foods and drinks. Add pieces of fruit to water or tea for flavor. Add fresh fruits to oatmeal and plain yogurt.

Little by little, you can wean yourself from added sugars and enjoy the natural tastes of food. Every change you make benefits your health.

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