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Sports Conditioning & Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Athletic injuries happen to the most fit, and at no convenient time. A timely assessment and treatment of such injuries often make a great difference in the healing of such injuries and the return of the athlete to his or her favorite sport. The S.C.O.R line of services was developed to help meet the growing needs of the athletic community in the Inland Empire.


As a service of Arrowhead Orthopaedics and it physical therapy department, S.C.O.R. is aimed at providing quality affordable and timely injury prevention education, sports conditioning, and injury treatment to the athletes of this community.



S.C.O.R. services are provided by a group of trained professionals that include:

  • Orthopedic Surgeons

  • Physical Therapists

  • Exercise Physiologists

  • Athletic Trainers



Who can benefit from S.C.O.R?

The program benefits all sports enthusiasts, professional athletes, coaches, students enrolled in varsity programs or physical fitness classes, and all other individuals who experience a sports-related injury of any sort.



Why should you train with S.C.O.R?

  • S.C.O.R. offers state of the art training for all levels that finely tune the body so you can maximize performance for life.

  • To gain the edge over the competition

  • To increase function, and gain the ability to play



What will S.C.O.R.'s PneuFast Fitness and training do for you?

  • Increase speed, vertical jump, agility, flexibility and accuracy

  • Increase endurance and function

  • Improve balance, gait, and posture

  • Decrease injury



How does S.C.O.R's PNEU-FAST cutting-edge technology work?


Un-weighting Treadmill

Allows us to train you beyond normal limits. Inherent weakness and gravity prevent you from reaching your maximum potential. Removing these limitations allows you to achieve performance levels otherwise unattainable - and we do it safely!


Gait Training

Biomechanical assessment and unweighed gait correction using our patented foot and hip gait straps, allow us to correct a lifetime of improper movement patterns. After just a few visits we have had clients improve so much that they've thrown away braces and eliminated years of pain due to misalignments.



State of the art equipment is used to safely and effectively stretch major muscle groups.


Posture Improvement

Correct Posture and Back Strength is extremely important at all levels of fitness.


Core Strengthening

A stable foundation provides the building blocks you need to build your highest level of fitness and surpass your previous fitness levels.


Speed Training

Most of our movement patterns involve moving sideways, backwards and changing directions. PNEU-FAST trains you to move in all directions. We teach 360's, jump on, laterals, and retro movements. PNEU-FAST can help you achieve your goals whether you are a senior playing with grandkids or a pro athlete looking to break records by hitting speeds of up to 28mph!


Vibration Training

The Pneu-Vibe recruits neurological and muscular systems to increase strength, metabolic rate and circulation. Athletes enhance their fitness levels and get the edge with just a few minutes of vibration training each session.


Sport Specific

Individualized programs to provide you with superior results for your sport.


Injury Prevention

By recognizing your potential for injury early and providing cutting-edge tools, we can help prevent current problems from becoming major ones.


What are the services provided through S.C.O.R.?

Injured players coached from contracted programs could receive the following basic services through S.C.O.R.:


  • Timely Musculoskeletal evaluations including X-rays when deemed necessary.


  • Recommendations from an Orthopaedic surgeon or a Physical Therapist to athletes, parents, and coaches on appropriate care following initial assessment.


  • Two weeks access to morning clinics for treatment of appropriate diagnosis's determined by an Orthopaedic surgeon.


  • Ready access to Orthopaedic surgeons for athletes through S.C.O.R. Athletes can be examined by a physician on the same day S.C.O.R. is contacted by the coach or athletic trainer.


  • Periodic workshops on injury prevention techniques and rehabilitation of injuries.



How to Access S.C.O.R. Services?

Our services can be utilized by any athlete currently enrolled in an educational institution in the area that is contracted with our organization. Injured athletes could access our services at no cost to them or their families. Services through this program are made available to injured athletes for a period of two weeks after which they shall return to their primary care physician, or may choose to continue treatment with SCOR on a fee for service basis. The ultimate goal of the program is to speed up the healing and the return of the athlete to a normal routine.


Individuals who are not enrolled in any academic athletic program but wish to utilize S.C.O.R. to enhance their athletic capabilities or increase their fitness could access our services on a fee for service basis. Our professional staff would gladly price a customized conditioning and training program that best fits your needs.



To schedule a free personalized assessment

and conditioning plan, please call us at

(909) 557-1678 or

(909) 557-1680.

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