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Dr. James Matiko

I suffered for 2 years before I came to see Dr. Matiko. He listened to me about my shoulder and arm. The MRI only showed my tear in my shoulder and my arm still hurt. So he looked more thoroughly and found a tear in my bicep and fixed me. I am so grateful for him and his staff for helping me to become whole again. - Claudia W.

Dr. Clifford Merkel

Dr. Merkel was the surgeon for my father in law. He was very informative and prompt to tell us the when plans for care changed. He was willing to answer my many questions with a smile. He demonstrated caring besides excellence in the surgical procedure. he was willing to listen to family. You always felt he was o ntop of the situation. - Lucy Q.

Dr. John Steinmann

I was losing the ability to walk. I had no balance or coordination. My hands, wrists, and arms were numb. This started in July/August 2011. My worker's comp doctors ordred and MRI and neurological testing. I was told no diagnosis they could find. I knew something was seriously wrong. After many private doctor appoitments, I was referred to Dr. Steinmann. He diagnosed my spinal cord was blocked after two simple tests in his office. I had an emergency MRI the next morning and surgery a month later. ~ Patricia M.

Dr. Gail Hopkins

Dr. Gail Hopkins was awesome, very professional and encouraging. Everyone that I have dealt with at this medical center were so courteous, patient and professional. I would recommend this facility highly to anyone seeking orthopaedic care. Bravo to all of you! - Nancy W.

Dr. John Skubic

Dr. Skubic did my neck surgery April 24, 2014. My recovery is doing good. He is a great doctor. My scar is looking good. I am very happy with him and will highly recommend him. - Ranee G.

Dr. Zachary Hadley

I had a carpal [tunnel surgery] done on both of my wrists with Dr. Hadley. I had carpal [tunnel] for about 8 years [and] didn't want to do surgery. [I] was not sure if it was the smart thing to do. Finally I did it on both arms with Dr. Hadley. I had minor cuts that were worse than this surgery. Even though everyone I asked complained about the pain and the recovery time; Dr. Hadley and his staff made it seem like a walk in the park. - Akram I.

Dr. James Matiko

Dr. Matiko re-arranged his schedule to do surgery on my infected elbow the next day. He called me at home several times to see how I was. I was fortunate he was on duty the day of my first surgery at ARMC [Arrowhead Regional Medical Center]. He is a very caring person and MD. - James H.

Dr. Sang Le

Dr. Le was great, always so helpful and kind. He is a great doctor.

Dr. Paul Burton

Dr. Burton performed a total hip arthroscopy on me. Before the surgery, I was in constant pain, walked hunched over and limped with each step I took. Almost 4 months after having had surgery, I am no longer suffering from any pain, I am taller; it seems, because I now stand up perfectly straight. My quality of life has been drastically improved. Instead of being depressed, I now have a genuine zest for life that makes me feel 20 years younger. Dr. Burton is my hero. He is righteous, in my humble opinion. He called me at home the night before the surgery asking if I was okay and reassuring me that everything would be fine. He was absolutely right! I truly appreciate his warm, friendly and sincere demeanor. I will always be grateful to him for taking such excellent care of me. - Paula R.

Dr. Ronny Ghazal

I love Dr. Ghazal. I love the x-ray techs. They were very patient with my father-in law and all the staff is so sweet and always professional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - The Stanley Family

Dr. Paul Burton

Dr. Burton is a genious! I can dance, move, and do yoga beautifully with my new hip. It is my favorite jewel. - CE.C.

Dr. James Matiko

Having had the same procedure (rotator cuff repair) twice in the past, I had some firsthand experience to use for comparison. A week post surgery, I told Dr. Matiko that either I had a much better doctor, or a much better anesthesiologist, much better equipment, or all three. Truthfully, I recognized that it was my doctor. Dr. Matiko gave me all the information I needed to make an informed consent, as to whether or not to have the procedure done. This is not a surgery to take lightly, as the recovery is more than uncomfortable, but this time (my third time) the recovery was SO much easier, with less pain and I was more than pleased with the outcome. - Virginia S.

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Dr. Clifford Merkel

I am so completely impressed and very gratified to tell you that my experience with your facility. Each and every member of your staff was superlative - beyond the highest levels of professionalism; well mannered articulate, pleasant, timely concerned and smiling and efficient. I don't believe I've ever experienced a more helpful,

Dr. Allen Gustafson

Great bedside manner, very comforting. Appreciated his clear succinct direct style. He was very intuitive and anticipated my questions and concerns before I could think of them myself. Genuinely liked him as a person. A great member of your team.

Dr. John Skubic & Dr. Ronny Ghazal

I am very pleased with my care and the staff here at Arrowhead Ortho. Dr. Skubic is a marvelous physician and surgeon -- just gifted. So is Dr. Ghazal who did my knee and shoulder surgeries. They are both so confident and inspire confidence to a level I have not experienced before. Staff is welcoming and patient oriented. ~ Daisy C.

AO Staff

Doctor, staff, and nursing assistant; extremely great customer service. Exhibiting compassion, care and courteousness at its highest example. Very, very helpful. Showing loving kindness constantly. ~William B.

Dr. Connor LaRose

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Dr. Connor LaRose and his staff and Twila too, for the excellent care and treatment I have received and continue to receive. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to be able to belong to this medical facility. I highly recommend you to everyone! Such a professional atmosphere. Everyone there is so kind. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ~ Susan D.

Dr. John Steinmann & Christina MacLean, PA-C

Dr.[John] Steinmann is caring and is understanding in discussing the issues and what can be done to make the patient better. Christina MacLean [PA-C] is very attentive in listening to the medical issues. She is definitely a keeper for the facility. She collaborated and discussed with Dr. Steinmann my medical issues. ~ E.C.

Dr. Jonathan Lee & Dr. Paul Burton

Dr.[Jonathan] Lee is my pain management doctor. And he is terrific, always on time! Prescriptions and charting by nurses always updated. In my seven years of my disability I have never been more pleased with the professionals in orthopaedic surgery of both Dr. Lee and Dr. Paul Burton all the way down to the nurses; receptionist, etc. Thank you. ~  Patricia S

Dr. Gail Hopkins

When I first was referred to Dr.[Gail] Hopkins he informed me that I needed back surgery. I told him that I was not ready to take that step. He understood and assured me that he would be here when I needed him. A year later I was ready. I had been in a wheelchair for 6-7 years. He did the surgery July 7, 2011. I am now walking and off the large doses of morphine I needed to control pain. Today I take Tylenol for the arthritis and no more wheelchair. The care was thoughtful, professional and very caring. - S.L.L.

Dr. Paul Burton

Thank you so very much for giving me a new lease on life. I can't believe how great I feel after having hip replacement surgery. It is so hard to believe that in such a short period of time, I am feeling so much better. To be able to walk with ease after having experienced pain and stiffness for three years, truly feels like a miracle. - Carol P.

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